The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has reportedly suspended DJ of Indian origin from its Asian Network after the emergence of WhatsApp groups littered with obscene remarks about women as well as racist comments against Pakistanis and staff members of Pakistani origin.
Radio host Tommy Sandhu, 40, was one of four colleagues allegedly part of WhatsApp groups sharing sexist comments as well as homophobic remarks and derogatory terms for Pakistanis.
One of the group members allegedly made obscene remarks about Amy Elizabeth Childs, a BBC radio producer, while objectionable sexist comments were also made about Amanpreet Kaur, a young assistant producer and other female staff at Asian Network, a radio station catering specifically to British Asians.
Kaur stumbled across the messages after they were accidentally linked to a BBC laptop.
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In lieu of the discovery, the BBC has opened an investigation and taken disciplinary action against some of the individuals …