At least 50 civilians have been killed by militants in northern Afghanistan, officials say.
They report that a checkpoint manned by local police was attacked in the Mirzawalang area of Sar-e Pul province.
The assailants then entered the village and shot dead mainly Shia Muslim civilians including women and children, a spokesman for the provincial governor said.
“They were killed in a brutal, inhumane way,” he added.
He reported that seven members of the Afghan security forces has also been killed, as well as a number of insurgents.
A combination of Taliban and Islamic State (IS) group fighters – including foreigners – were involved, he said. Both are Sunni Muslim militant groups.
The Taliban denied killing civilians, saying that its fighters had killed 28 members of a government-supported militia in the area.
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani condemned the attack.
“Criminal terrorists have once again killed civilians, women and children,” he said in a statement.
“This barbaric act of …