Human rights groups are calling on Canada to suspend all weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, after serious concerns were raised over the alleged use of Canadian-made arms in a violent crackdown on civilians in an eastern province of the Gulf kingdom.
Images shared on social media purportedly show Canadian-made armored vehicles being used by Saudi government forces against Shiite civilians in the country’s restive, eastern Qatif province, The Globe and Mailnewspaper first reported.
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The “red flags” raised by the latest reports “demand no less than a suspension of all military export contracts” with Saudi Arabia, said Cesar Jaramillo, executive director of Canadian anti-war group Project Ploughshares.
“Should abuses with Canadian-made military equipment be confirmed, suspension must then lead to the cancellation of any such contracts,” Jaramillo told DWin an email.
Ottawa, meanwhile, says it is “actively seeking more information” about whether Canadian-made arms were in fact …