An anarchist group protesting against mass tourism in Spain has threatened further attacks after targeting Barcelona and Mallorca.
British tourists on board a sightseeing bus in the Catalan capital feared they were being attacked by Islamist terrorists when masked members of Arran slashed its tyres and daubed it with slogans.
The group published a video of the attack online with the caption “mass tourism kills the neighbourhoods, destroys the territory and condemns the working class to misery”, sparking a police investigation.
Arran later vandalised bicycles hired out to tourists in Barcelona, while a faction in Mallorca rampaged through waterside restaurants in Palma and ran over yachts, while protesting with a banner and smoke bombs.
On its official Twitter account, the group claimed it wanted to “stop the mass tourism that is destroying Mallorca and condemning the working classes of the Catalan Countries to misery”.
Laura Flores, one of Arran’s leaders, told The Times: “We cannot rule out …