Motorized units of the Russian Operative Troops Group (GOTR), stationed in Transdnistria, participated in a military exercise in which Russian armoured forces forced the Dniestr River near Ternovca, Slobozia District, Radio Chisinau reported on Thursday.
According to information, the drills were scheduled at the end of the week, but they were brought forward and performed on Wednesday, according to the radio, quoted by
During this exercise, Russian soldiers were ordered to force the Dniestr River to land on the other bank, and the BTR-70 armoured vehicles entered the battle, as announced by the Transdnistrian official agency Novosti PMR.
“An exercise to overcome water obstacles on the Dniester River took place. There were some difficulties, but due to the frequent exercises everything went at the highest level,” said the head of a BTR-70 armoured vehicle with GOTR’s infantry units.
“The troops successfully dealt with all the tasks,” said GOTR Commander Colonel Dmitry Zelenkov.
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