In the past the most effective way to keep track of your body shape and weight was to step on the scales, use a tape measure or take some unflattering before-and-after photos. But these rudimentary methods have been superseded by technology.
Working abroad is a rite of passage for many young Australians – an adventurer’s way to see the world before settling into a career. But for Rusty Young, a working holiday led to the most unlikely of paths.
A giant tortoise nicknamed ‘Aboo’ has escaped a Japanese zoo for the second time in less than two weeks.
The reptile, measuring about one metre in length, was captured on security cameras as she wandered out of the main entrance of Shibukawa Animal Park, in western Japan’s Okayama prefecture, on Tuesday morning (local time).
“It won’t immediately die because it will eat grass available around the zoo, but we’re all very worried,”  zoo staffer Yoshimi …