Need even more reason for why hamburgers are killing the planet? A new report by environmental group Mighty found that run off from animal agriculture is responsible for creating the largest dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.
Dead zones are areas where hypoxia or decreased levels of oxygen occur in the oceans – killing off any living creatures there. They can fluctuate in size with the seasons and move with the tides, but their presence is essentially guaranteed in areas where excess nutrients from conventional agricultural operations enter waterways.
The report largely blames the country’s appetite for meat and specifically notes Tyson Foods, the largest meat company in the U.S., as the main culprit of the dead zones. By analyzing supply chains and agribusiness and pollution trends, Mighty found that a “highly industrialized and centralized factory farm system” is primarily responsible for converting “vast tracts of native grassland in the midwest” into mono-crops, such as soy and corn. When it rains, …