YouTube welcomes “progress” in its automatic removal of jihadist videos
YouTube | The video platform, owned by Google, says its new moderation system has doubled the number of videos deleted in a month.
After the words of June , acts: YouTube released Tuesday 1 st  of August, its latest results in the fight against content that glorify terrorism. As announced in June by Google , its parent company, YouTube now uses technologies that can learn to automatically detect extremist content.
“We are already seeing some progress,” says the company. This ensures that more than 75% of the videos removed last month for “violent extremism” were released before being reported by humans. Until recently, large platforms generally expected users to report problematic content for review by the moderation team.
During July, the use of this technology, based on machine learning – a field of artificial intelligence – has doubled , according to YouTube, the number of videos removed for violent extremism. The accuracy of this new system “has improved considerably , “ says YouTube, without giving any figures, particularly regarding false positives: “Although these tools are not perfect, in many …