The Russian LGBT Network published a report on Monday alleging the widespread detention and torture of gay people in the North Caucasus republic of Chechnya, adding to a series of recent reports of persecutions and killings there.
The LGBT Network says that at least 200 men are being held in secret prisons throughout Chechnya where many have been subjected to severe beatings and electric shocks for their sexual orientation.
The LGBT Network spoke 33 men in Chechnya over four months who said they were targeted by Chechen law enforcement agencies due to their sexual orientation. The report said victims were identified via cell phones or mobile apps by gay men who had been detained.
Detainees said they were subjected to “severe beatings, torture by electric current (used both to get the names of other homosexual men and to ‘cure’ the victims of homosexuality), a lack of water, malnutrition, and lack of sleep.”
In a press release published alongside the report, the NGO says Russian authorities are either unwilling or unable to begin a criminal investigation into the allegations of abuse. “This situation can shift only …