The United Nations has said that Saudi Arabia is blocking jet fuel delivery to planes trying to deliver humanitarian aid to Yemen’s capital city Sana’a.
According to the UN’s country director of the UN Development Program, Auke Lootsma, on Tuesday, the global body operates two aid flights into Sana’a from Amman and Djibouti, which due to lack of fuel get stranded in Yemeni capital.
“We have difficulties obtaining permission from the coalition and from the government of Yemen to transport this jet fuel to Sana’a to facilitate these flights,” he said.
The fuel must arrive in Sana’a via the port city of Aden which is in control of Riyadh. The Saudis have repeatedly been accused of blocking aid to Yemen.
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Lootsma also announced an outbreak of meningitis in Yemen, which is already suffering from a cholera epidemic and is at the risk of famine.
He noted that the situation in the country is “very …