The Air Transat plane had been diverted to the Canadian airport because of bad weather on Monday, and was sitting on the tarmac for nearly four hours when authorities received several 911 calls from people on board, the airport said in a statement. Passengers said they were without food, water or air conditioning.
Air Transat said in a statement that the situation was “beyond our control,” and that “exceptional traffic” at the Ottawa airport led to a shortage of loading bridges or stairs to allow the flight to disembark and replenish the aircraft’s water reservoir. The airline also said the “shortage of fuel” explained the “lack of air conditioning on board for a time.”
Laura Mah, one of the passengers on Flight 157 from Brussels, Belgium, destined for Montreal, said passengers were unhappy with the airline’s lack of action.
Eventually, Mah said, police boarded the plane and began handing out water …