The Russian government has warned Poland that it will face sanctions if it removes monuments glorifying the Soviet victory in World War Two.
Last month Poland updated its “de-communisation” legislation, banning “totalitarian” symbols, which would include Soviet propaganda monuments.
Now Russian foreign ministry officials have warned of “asymmetric measures” if Poland removes Soviet war monuments.
Russia could refuse visas for Polish officials or downgrade trade relations.
The officials, quoted by the Russian daily Izvestia, were not named.
The Red Army’s defeat of Nazi German forces on Polish soil in 1944-1945 remains a thorny issue in Russian-Polish relations.
Many Poles viewed the Red Army as an occupation force, not as liberators, as the 1939 Nazi-Soviet pact had carved up Poland between two dictatorships.
The Russian foreign ministry has also expressed anger at Poland’s decision to exclude Russia from an international project to build a museum at Sobibor, site of a notorious Nazi death camp.
The ministry said Russia …