LONDON: A British man was convicted on Monday (Jul 31) of importing a lifelike child sex doll in what police said was a landmark case in the fight against a new form of sex crime against children.
David Turner, 72, admitted having sex with the 1.17m doll, described by the National Crime Agency (NCA) as “anatomically detailed and correct”. He also bought clothes for it.
The NCA said that in previous cases where such items had been imported, defendants had pleaded guilty to importing an obscene object, but Turner had asked a judge to decide if his doll was indecent or obscene in the eyes of the law.
Judge Simon James ruled on Monday at Canterbury Crown Court in southern England that it was, making clear that such dolls are included in a category of obscene items whose import into Britain is prohibited.
Hazel Stewart of the NCA’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection team …