Government surveillance video has emerged of the moment two officers seemingly encouraged a high school student to drink liquid methamphetamine, two hours prior to his death.
In the video, obtained by ABC News in the US and filmed in 2013, two US Customs and Border Protection officers are seen smiling to each other as they appear to encourage 16-year-old Cruz Velazquez to drink from a bottle of yellow liquid.
The liquid was later proven to be methamphetamine, which had been liquefied.
Cruz died within two hours of ingesting the substance.
No disciplinary action been taken against the two officers seen in the video, Valerie Baird and Adrian Perallon, who remain on the job.
The former head of internal affairs at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, James Tomsheck, said their actions clearly violated agency protocols.
“If they truly suspected there was a controlled substance in the bottle they should’ve conducted a field test,” …