Following the release of a letter recently issued by current and ex-Rigpa members, which details alleged abuses by Rigpa founder and spiritual director Sogyal Rinpoche, we have now received from Rigpa the following press release, which acknowledges the letter and indicates that Sogyal Rinpoche will “step back” as the community looks into next steps:
Press release
July 21, 2017
Rigpa is an international network of Buddhist centers dedicated to making the Buddhist teachings of meditation, compassion and wisdom available to the modern world. The courses and programs offered by Rigpa have helped many thousands of people around the world experience relief from suffering and find meaning in their lives.
We are deeply concerned and saddened to learn of the letter sent by a small group of students to our spiritual director, Sogyal Rinpoche. We would like to state clearly that there is no place for abuse in our community and we are conscious …