President Trump holds an executive order in January imposing the "Mexico City policy," which bans federal funds going to overseas organizations that perform or "promote" abortions. A fundraising effort initiated by a Dutch government minister has raised $300 million for affected organizations.

An effort to help global sexual health charities losing support under the Trump administration has reached a new milestone: $300 million in fundraising.
The Dutch government revealed the new figure on Friday. The “She Decides” initiative — the brainchild of one Dutch official — kicked off earlier this year, and announced $190 million in funding as of early March.
Thanks to “ongoing enthusiasm,” donations from nations, organizations and individuals have since continued to flow in. Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (which also supports NPR) have all pledged new funding, the Dutch statement says, while Rwanda, Chad, South Africa, South Korea, Senegal, Nigeria and Mozambique have signed on as “friends” of the initiative.
“It’s fantastic to see how the funding gap is shrinking month by month,” Lilianne Ploumen, the foreign trade and development cooperation minister who is running the initiative, said in the statement.
The fundraising effort began after President …