LONDON — LBC is facing growing pressure to end its relationship with Nigel Farage after it was forced to retract a series of false and misleading claims he made on air.
The former UKIP leader hosts a regular evening show on the talk radio station but has become an increasing source of controversy after making a series of false and controversial statements.
Last week LBC was forced to issue a “clarification” after Farage falsely quoted a section from Article 50 — the legislation that will guide Britain’s exit from the EU.
The quote, which he held up on a piece of paper, was, in fact, an out-of-context and misleading excerpt from an entirely separate EU briefing about Article 50.
The incident caused a backlash on social media with Farage’s fellow host James O’Brien joining in to retweet a tweet stating “why LBC would [give him a] platform is beyond understanding.”
Farage today defended himself over …