Istanbul: After spending more than seven months in prison on terrorism charges Ahmet Sik, a Turkish journalist, appeared in an Istanbul court on Wednesday with a fleeting opportunity to publicly rebut his powerful accusers.
He was on trial with 16 colleagues from Cumhuriyet (Republic), Turkey’s most prominent opposition newspaper.
In the packed courtroom on Wednesday, Sik appeared determined not to waste the moment.
What was supposed to be a defence statement was instead a searing attack on the government and a spirited argument for the relevance of his beleaguered profession. The indictment against the journalists was “trash”, the trial, an attack on media freedom and the judiciary, a “lynch mob,” he said.
“They think we will be scared and silenced,” he said.
“What I say is not defence or expression. On the contrary, it is an accusation,” he said.
“There are not many remaining who are trying to uncover the truth,” he said of the many hardships faced by …