President Trump lumped the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah among militants and terrorists he praised the government of Lebanon for fighting, saying during Rose Garden remarks Tuesday that the tiny Mideast nation was “on the front lines” of a shared battle against extremism.
The only problem? Hezbollah is a political partner of the man standing next to Trump, visiting Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri.
[Trump welcomes Lebanese leader to the White House]
“The prime minister and I have just concluded an extensive conversation about the challenges and opportunities facing Lebanon and its neighbors,” Trump said at a news conference following his Oval Office meeting with Hariri. “Lebanon is on the front lines in the fight against ISIS, al-Qaeda and Hezbollah.  The Lebanese people, of all faiths, are working together to keep — and you know this, and we’ve been discussing this at great length — their country safe and prosperous.”
Hezbollah …