sw / Saturday March 20, 2004 Page A2 Helmut Oberlander (right) and his wife Margret (left) and daughter Irene Rooney (centre behind) leave the courthouse in Kitchener, Ontario on Tue., Nov. 4, 2003. Oberlander, 79, was found by a Federal Court of Canada judge in 2000 to have obtained his citizenship fraudulently by failing to disclose his service with a notorious Nazi killing unit when he came to Canada from Germany in the early 1950s. (CP PHOTO/Waterloo Regional Record-Peter Lee)

For the fourth time in two decades, the federal government has stripped an ex-Nazi interpreter of his Canadian citizenship.
Helmut Oberlander, 93, of Waterloo, Ont., is accused of hiding or lying about his past service with a Nazi death squad prior to becoming a Canadian citizen in 1960.
As he has done in the past, Oberlander intends to challenge his citizenship revocation — which came down through a recent federal order-in-council — in court, his lawyer said Tuesday.
“This is the fourth time the Canadian government has attempted to revoke Mr. Oberlander’s citizenship. We have successfully overturned three previous revocation decisions and will be seeking to overturn the fourth,” Ron Poulton said in an email.
“In their desperation to take away his Canadian citizenship, the government has once again tried to stretch facts beyond recognition, to fit their idea of history. Once again, we are confident that the court will see through the rhetoric, …