It’s the first recorded occasion that any animal, including humans, have rapidly produced antibodies to neutralize the virus. Researchers now hope that cows may one day hold the key to the future creation of a HIV vaccine.
HIV is notoriously hard to vaccinate against, as it mutates any time an infected person’s immune system figures out a way to combat it.
However, this new research shows that cows have an uncanny ability to produce powerful “broadly neutralising antibodies” at amazing speed.
Cows do not become infected with the virus, but their immune systems’ quick response against it has researchers excited.
“HIV is a human virus,”said study author Devin Sok, “but researchers can certainly learn from immune responses across the animal kingdom.”
For this trial, scientists injected four calves with a HIV immunogens, the proteins which they contain are designed to produce an immune system response to the virus.
All four calves produced these broadly neutralizing antibodies …