M assive demonstrations in Polish streets continued this week as thousands of people gathered Thursday night in more than 70 cities around the country. Standing before courthouses, they held candles, sang anthems, and chanted demands that President Andrzej Duda veto a proposed reform to the Supreme Court.
They were also joined by Poles living in other European capitals, who protested there in solidarity.
The bill, introduced last Sunday without previous consultation, is controversial because it would trigger the dismissal of all sitting judges on the Supreme Court and allow the government (currently controlled by the far-right Law and Justice/PiS party) to replace them. Currently, judges are chosen by a body of legal experts, the Council for the Judiciary. Critics say this would end judicial independence in Poland erode the separation of powers.
Defenders of the bill argue that the current selection process is an undemocratic legacy of the communist regime and that the …