Following an internet-wide day of protest on July 12, many activists are claiming a victory in the fight to preserve net neutrality against a proposed complete regulatory repeal by the Federal Communications Commission. But was it really a victory? Cynics abound — and the likelihood that the protest made a real impact is low.
The protest, which boasted the participation of high-profile sites like Netflix and Reddit, was a success according to stats from the activist groups that organized it: According to Fight for the Future, the Day of Action for Net Neutrality reportedly reached 10 million people, inspired between 1.6 million and 2.1 million new comments on the FCC’s website, and generated 3.5 million emails to members of Congress urging them to enact legislation on the issue.
Since the FCC first announced its plans to roll back existing net neutrality regulations in April, more than 8.2 million comments on the …