IT’S one of the most unremarkable things to do.
In blazing heat, wander around a tourist attraction in sunnies and a short skirt.
But a video of a woman doing just that has rocked one country and gone viral. There are even calls for her arrest.
Why? Well, in deeply religious Saudi Arabia it is not the done thing for a woman to wear a short skirt and bare her arms. In fact, it’s strictly forbidden.
Saudi authorities are said to be now investigating the video.
The BBC has reported that the woman, a model who identifies herself as ‘Khulood’ was filmed, seemingly with her consent, walking through the historic fort of Ushayqir.
The video was uploaded to social media site Snapchat but has been widely distributed via Twitter
Khulood wears a skirt that ends just above the knees and a short sleeved shirt. She is mostly filmed from behind but at one point turns to …