FO-US-BRIDE-SHOT17 Australian Justine Damond, seen here in a photo posted to Facebook in 2015, was shot dead by Minneapolis police after calling 911 to report a possible assault near her home. Neither police officer involved had turned on their body cameras before the shooting. Uploaded by: Tubb, Ed

MINNEAPOLIS — Justine Damond called police after hearing a sound in an alley near the home she shared with her fiancé late Saturday night. But shortly after two officers arrived in her upscale Minneapolis neighborhood to investigate, the call turned deadly when one of the officers shot Damond.
It is unclear why the officer opened fire on Damond, a 40-year-old yoga and meditation teacher from Australia who was supposed to wed next month, and her death immediately drew renewed scrutiny of police officers in the Twin Cities area for their use of deadly force.
Minneapolis is still reeling from two controversial police-involved shootings that set off waves of heated protests and prompted nationwide calls for officers to wear body cameras. One of the cases in recent weeks again led to rallies and condemnation when an officer who shot a black man during a traffic stop was acquitted.
Damond’s death, one of more than …