UPDATE: All tsunami alerts in Alaska and Russia have been canceled; no reports of major waves. Details soon.
UPDATE: Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says areas across the Pacific may experience small tsunami waves of about 30 cm (12 inch) above the tide level. Areas include Guam, Hawaii, Japan, Johnston Atoll, Marshall Islands, Midway Island, Northern Marianas, northwestern Hawaiian Islands, Russia, Wake Island, and Yap. Details soon.
UPDATE: Magnitude of earthquake in the Bering Sea upgraded to 7.7 – USGS. Details soon.
A powerful earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.4 has struck the Bering Sea between American and Russian islands, seismologists say. Tsunami alerts have been issued for parts of Alaska and Russia’s Far East. (more)
The earthquake, which struck at 11:34 a.m. Tuesday in Russia or 2:34 p.m. Monday in Alaska, was centered …