“I don’t know if we hack or phish emails,” Caputo told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on Monday. “I’m not sure we’re on par, but we both get involved in foreign elections in our own way to try to tilt them in our favor.”
The statement echoes the Trump camp’s latest talking point about the investigation into whether it colluded with Russia during the campaign. Supporters who previously denied any collusion or election meddling took place are now claiming such practices as perfectly legal.
Caputo’s friendly attitude toward Russia follows a decades-long relationship with the innermost circles of the country’s top political players. Caputo moved to Russia in 1994 to work for the re-election campaign of former Russian President Boris Yeltsin, largely seen as the corrupt political puppet of several wealthy Russian billionaires. Later, Caputo helped run a propaganda campaign for a Russian government-owned media outlet to help get Yeltsin’s successor, Putin, elected to …