Brighton Zeuner believes she’ll eventually want to stop skateboarding. But that won’t happen until she’s older, so old that she can’t even picture it.
“Like, way older, you know?” Zeuner says.
But here’s the thing: Zeuner is only 12 — she turns 13 Friday. There could be miles of pavement and innumerable tricks on her board before she’s “way older.” It’s dizzying to consider the potential opportunities in front of her.
A year after finishing fourth in the women’s park skateboarding, just missing out on becoming the youngest to medal in an X Games, Zeuner has a chance to be the youngest to win an event when the X Games come to Minneapolis Thursday through Sunday. And skateboarding is becoming an Olympic sport in 2020, just after Zeuner turns 16, the minimum age for Olympic eligibility.
Teenagers often compete at a high level in skateboarding, a sport that presents some advantages to small, flexible …