Startled Daniel Rotariu was roused from his sleep by the splash of liquid over his face and body.
He thought it was hot water. But within a couple of seconds a searing pain surged through him and he realised it was acid burning through his skin.
It was 2am and crazed girlfriend Katie Leong had poured half a litre of sulphuric acid over him – dissolving his face.
In an instant Daniel, 31, was robbed of his identity forever… and left blind.
He is just one of thousands of British victims in an horrific crimewave where corrosive liquids – available on the high street – are the new weapons of choice.
Daniel now wakes in a sweat at the same time every day, reliving the horrors of that night. Today, as a Sunday Mirror investigation reveals an unprecedented rise in attacks, he urges the Government to regulate the corrosive substance market.
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