A ‘hapless’ woman in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, tries to file a gang rape case, and is turned away by the police, forcing her to seek help from a court. She files a private complaint with the court, but instead of taking action on her complaint, the police officer in charge of the case demands sexual favours from her. She records her conversation with him and submits a CD as proof to higher police officials.
So far, a perfect case for a media storm, and it indeed becomes one.
“Rape victim asked for sexual favour by police”, headlines scream out loud, shaking up the entire police administration in Uttar Pradesh. In the backdrop of the government setting up anti-romeo squads, where police is out on streets to nab the stalkers and protect women, the case comes as a huge blow to the credibility of the police force, dubbing protectors as predators.
Media houses question …