Two men on a mopeds carried out five acids attacks during a spree across London which lasted less than 90 minutes, police said.
The Metropolitan Police said one victim had been left with “life-changing” injuries after being doused on Thursday night in the east of the capital.
The assaults appeared to be linked and two involved victims having their mopeds stolen, they added.
A male teenager was later arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and robbery and has been taken to an east London police station.
At the start of the rampage, a 32-year-old moped driver had been approached by the pair as he drove towards the Hackney Road junction with Queensbridge Road.
The two male suspects had thrown the noxious substance into his face before one of them jumped on to his vehicle and drove away.
Police said the man had gone to an east London hospital and they were awaiting an update on his …