A staggering 1,000 “corrections” to EU law will be made without MPs necessarily voting on them, through the controversial “Repeal Bill”.
The vast number of “statutory instruments” to be passed – some under so-called “Henry VIII powers” – will heighten suspicions of a Government power grab.
The legislation will also switch across up to 20,000 EU regulations into UK law to prepare for departure day when Brexit is completed in March 2019.
The Bill will eventually have to be published in print, officials acknowledge – although they are declining to say how big it will be, or how much it might weigh.
The scale of the task ahead emerged as Labour tightened the screw on Theresa May by vowing to vote against the legislation in just three months’ time – unless she makes dramatic changes.
Labour is demanding it includes full protection of rights for British workers and consumers, of environmental standards and the devolution …