FO-WATERTESTS TORONTO, ON - May 9: Toronto's downtown inner harbour often contains E. coli bacteria well beyond public safety standards, according to testing by environmental charity Lake Ontario Waterkeepers (LOW). Government health officials from the city to the province do not routinely test the harbour where thousands of tourists and Torontonians spend their summers. May 9, 2017. Randy Risling/Toronto Star

WASHINGTON—U.S. President Donald Trump’s fellow Republicans have rejected his proposal to eliminate all federal funding for cleaning up the Great Lakes.
Trump’s request to slash the budget of the popular Great Lakes Restoration Initiative from $300 million (U.S.) to $0 had sparked an outcry from environmentalists and politicians on both sides of the border.
But Trump is simply being ignored by legislators, even those from his own party.
Congress, not the president, makes the real decisions about U.S. government spending. Republicans and Democrats on the powerful Republican-led House Appropriations Committee decided this week to set the 2018 budget for the restoration initiative at the previous level of $300 million.
A series of congressional votes are required before the budget is finalized, but advocates say the initiative appears safe.
Trump has been opposed by Republican politicians from the Great Lakes states crucial to his election victory, including Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan. A …