WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Tuesday claimed that Donald Trump Jr. releasing his own emails was the result of a conversation they had.
Assange said on Twitter that he contacted Trump Jr. to make the case that he should release the emails that led up to the president’s oldest son meeting with a Russian lawyer, and that it should be done via WikiLeaks.
Two hours later, Trump Jr. did it himself, Assange said.
In a reply to one of his Twitter followers, Assange said he told Trump Jr. that his “enemies” had the documents and would “milk isolated phrases for weeks or months” that would have their own “context” or “spin.”
It was better to be transparent, Assange said.
Still, Assange disagreed with how Trump Jr. revealed the emails. He said it would have been “safer” for the oldest son of President Trump to publish the emails with WikiLeaks so it would have an “anonymous source.”
“By publishing …