Jean-Claude Juncker at the Family picture

An EU proposal to impose sanctions on smugglers that bring migrants from Africa was opposed by Russia and China, officials involved in the G20 talks told EURACTIV.
European Council President Donald Tusk circulated on Tuesday (4 July) among G20 members a document to back his proposal to impose UN sanctions on people smugglers.
The idea was discussed by government envoys over the last few days and found “good support”, according to an official involved in the negotiations.
But Russia and China opposed the EU proposal.
Speaking to reporters on Friday (7 June) before the G20 summit started, Tusk said that asset freezes and travel bans were “the very minimum that can be done at the global level” against the smugglers.
“Unfortunately, I have to say that today we do not have the full support even for this minimum. If we do not get it, it will be a sad proof of the hypocrisy of some of …