Parliament this evening approved the introduction of gay marriage through the new Marriage Equality Act with Nationalist MP Edwin Vassallo voting against.
Malta became the 15th EU state to introduce same-sex marriage, just six years after the introduction of divorce.
Clarifying his vote, Mr Vassallo said he could not reconcile his principles with a Bill that was “immoral”.
Although he agreed that the state and church should be separate, he said he was a Christian and could not abandon his religious beliefs on parliament’s doorstep. 
All other MPs voted in favour.
Earlier, the Prime Minister had said that this was a historic moment and invited all
MPs to stand up and declare their vote. This proposal was not taken up by the Opposition, and a vote viva voce was taken.
Dr Muscat said the vote showed that society had reached “an unprecedented level of maturity. We can all say we are equal.”
People meanwhile gathered at Castille …