A gay man has won a landmark ruling which will give his husband the same pension rights as a wife would receive.
The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that if John Walker, 66, dies, his husband is entitled to a spouse’s pension, provided they remain married.
The ex-chemical company worker said it would “drag” the government “into the 21st Century”, while human rights group Liberty said “thousands” could benefit.
A government spokesman said it would review the implications of the ruling.
BBC legal affairs correspondent Clive Coleman said the decision will have “a dramatic effect on the entitlement of thousands of civil partners and spouses in same sex marriages”.
They will now enjoy the same pension rights and entitlements as those in a heterosexual marriage, our correspondent added.
‘Absurd injustice’
The ruling means Mr Walker’s husband – who is in his 50s – would be entitled to a spousal pension of about £45,000 a year in the event …