Great detective novels have always taught us how often the most mundane and unthreatening thing would expose lies and crimes. And sometimes, such things in fictions can happen in reality too. Maryam Nawaz, daughter of Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif is currently entangled in a corruption case related to the Panama Papers’ leak about undisclosed properties under the family’s name. It was noted that she has properties in London but never disclosed it in her tax returns.
Later, she submitted what she stated were the ‘original documents’ of those properties but in reality were good quality photocopies of the originals. The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) sent those papers to Radley Forensic Document Laboratory in London for examination. After the forensic examination, the laboratory’s expert Robert W Radley stated that he identified the type font used to produce both certified declaration as ‘Calibri’, the Express Tribune reported.
While Nawaz claimed the deed was signed …