They may not be much to look at, but bless them, they’re lovable and even weirdly cute. They’re manatees and they’ve had a pretty tough time of it recently. But finally, these aquatic ‘sea cows’ have some good news to celebrate. They’re no longer an endangered species.
Manatees were actually one of the very first species of animals to be listed on the Endangered Species Protection Act of 1966. Alongside American alligators, whooping cranes, red wolves and grizzly bears. And it’s been a tough ride for them ever since.
One of their most famous people out there in the manatees’ corner and fighting for them is “Margaritaville” singer Jimmy Buffett. He co-founded the sea cow-friendly Save the Manatee Club way back in 1981. Buffett helped to bring some much-needed publicity for the manatee and their tale of woe.
Finally though, there’s excellent news. Manatees in Florida and the Caribbean are now just listed …