The names of 27 people slaughtered in a single night by Chechen authorities have been published.
The secret mass execution is thought to have seen up to 56 people killed – all without trial.
Novaya Gazeta, a newspaper based in the region, has published the list of names it claims President Ramzan Kadyrov’s government killed.
The executions were all carried out in Chechnya’s capital, Grozny, on the night of 25 January, the newspaper claims.
According to the strongly anti-Putin publication, mass arrests and executions in the Muslim region were triggered by the killing of a policeman on 16 December 2016.
It reports that the victims were shot without trial, then the bodies were “taken to various cemeteries, including Christian ones, where they were buried in hastily dug graves”.
The outlet has spent months investigating illegal detentions in the area.
The same newspaper …