Before his arrest, Aleksandr Tverdokhlebov had lived in Los Angeles, enjoyed expensive travel, and had a BMW. In addition, about $4.5 million in bitcoins have been seized from him.
Hacker Aleksandr Tverdokhlebov, who has both Russian and US citizenship, has been found guilty of stealing tens of thousands of credit card numbers. A court in Alexandria (Virginia) sentenced him to 9 years in prison.
According to the investigation, 29-year-old Tverdokhlebov used to hang out at Russian Internet forums, where hackers groups gather and sell stolen information. It was found that over the past few years, the Russian put up for sale at least 40,000 credit card numbers. The hacker also tried to sell access to 500,000 computers that were infected with malware. According to the prosecutor, Tverdokhlebov had stolen confidential financial information from at least a hundred people.
Tverdokhlebov managed …