Venezuelan opposition politician Leopoldo Lopez has been put under house arrest after more than three years in jail.
“Leopoldo Lopez is at his home in Caracas with [his wife] Lilian and his children,” his lawyer Javier Cremades said.
Mr Lopez is three years into a 14-year sentence for inciting violence during anti-government protests in 2014.
The Supreme Court said he was released on health grounds.
He was being held in a jail near Caracas and has always protested his innocence.
His wife had complained that she had not been allowed to see Lopez for more than a month, but on Friday she tweeted she had been allowed an hour-long meeting
In May, a government lawmaker published a video of Lopez in his cell following rumours that he had been poisoned and taken to hospital.
In the video, Mr Lopez said he was well and did not know why he was being asked for “a proof of life”.
Venezuela …