Fires burned across downtown Hamburg at the end of a second day of protests where thousands took to the streets to demonstrate against the G20 summit. 
There were clashes between the protesters, many venting their anger at politics and economic inequality, and some of the 20,000 police summoned from around Germany and deployed across the city – with police chief Ralf Martin Meyer having warned that officials were expecting “not just sit-in protests but massive assaults”.
Around 30 demonstrations gathered across Hamburg throughout the day, and by evening, some protesters torched cars, while others blasted music or set off firecrackers with the intention of disrupting a concert for G20 leaders at the Elbphilharmonie hall. 
In the tourist area of Pferdemarkt, activists faced off against police in riot gear who were unable to put out fires, with billowing thick smoke dramatically reducing visibility.
In the nearby Schanzenviertel, looters plundered a supermarket. Nearby, a cash machine …