Putin Was a Mediocre KGB Agent, According to Former Boss
07/07/2017 – 10h36
The all-powerful Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is a former KGB official who came to be during the perils and deceit of the Cold War.
That’s what the western media always points out whenever it gets the chance – whether it’s in a horrified manner, or a derogatory one – and Mr. Putin does little to cast himself in a different light.
“Let’s be honest: it’s a misleading depiction. Putin was always a mediocre agent”, said one of his superiors, the retired general Nikolai Leonov, 88.
The general is experienced in the matter: he worked for the KGB between 1956 and 1991, and was second in command of the fearful agency while Putin served as an agent in East Germany, from 1985 …