Police used water cannon in an effort to disperse crowds demonstrating the start of the G20 summit in Hamburg on July 6 after clashes between protesters and police. Heavy security was present from the outset of the protest as police warned protesters the rally would not go ahead unless individuals removed masks covering their faces. These videos show the police presence on the streets of Hamburg’s Fischmarkt neighborhood. Police later confronted marchers at that location, using water cannon and handheld sprays to disperse protesters. Credit: Instagram/loislane2020 via Storyful
A spokesman for the First Lady said: “We have not received the all-clear from police to leave the residence.”
Earlier police cleared a sit-in protest where boycotters blocked the route for Trump’s motorcade to the summit. The president was forced to take a detour.
Leaders arrived on Friday morning ahead of a day of working meetings on global terrorism and trade, with many holding bilateral …