A majority of Americans say they have more confidence in German Chancellor Angela Merkel as a leader than they do in President Trump, according to a Pew Research survey published Wednesday.
Fifty-six percent of Americans polled said they have more confidence in Merkel, while 46 percent said they have more confidence in Trump.
Results are divided along party lines. Eighty-nine percent of Republicans said they have more faith in Trump, and 64 percent of Democrats said they had more trust in Merkel.
The poll’s release comes days before Trump is set to meet with global leaders, including Merkel, at the Group of 20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.
Trump has distanced himself from other world leaders over issues including climate, trade and immigration.
Merkel recently hit Trump on his anti-globalization stance in an interview with a German publication.
“While we are looking at the possibilities of cooperation to benefit everyone, globalization is seen by the American administration more as a …