Police have blocked access to opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s Moscow offices and are searching the premises, a member of the Anti-Corruption Fund and Navalny’s assistant Nikolai Lyaskin wrote on Facebook Thursday.
“The Moscow headquarters has been seized. The locks are cut off again,” Lyaskin wrote. “The guard says there is a search being carried out.”
“People are inside, but we cannot get in. The person who was on night duty does not answer, but the rings come through.”
Translation: ‘At the headquarters right now’
Lyaskin said that around 10 policemen were on the premises.
During the night, bars were put on the windows of the headquarters on the Sadovnicheskaya embankment, and lights were switched off, Lyaskin wrote later on Twitter. 
Similar altercations with the police have taken place this month in Navalny’s election headquarters in Novosibirsk and Oryol.
Navalny led a series of demonstrations throughout Russia this year against corruption and has said he will run in …