Health Minister Gaetan Barrette announced Thursday that the abortion pill will be available free of charge in Quebec by the end of this fall.
This pill will be accessible by doctor’s prescription only under a program administered by the Quebec health insurance board RAMQ.
The drug, called Mifegymiso or RU-486, was approved by Health Canada in 2015, though it faced delays and only entered the Canadian market in January. It is made by Linepharma International Limited and distributed by Celopharma Inc.
Mifegymiso currently costs about $300.
The abortion pill can be used up to seven weeks after conception, so women will be required to take an ultrasound to date the pregnancy. Women taking it will also need to have a medical follow-up.
“It is not the morning after pill. It’s totally different,” said Barrette. “That patient will have to meet and have a visit with a doctor to give …