A drug-fueled homosexual orgy was discovered in a raid by members of the Vatican Gendarmerie in an apartment at the former palace of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (or Holy Office), which is a Vatican-owned extraterritorial property not far from the Vatican City. According to Italian journal Il Fatto Quoditiano, a priest who serves as secretary to a cardinal. The priest was taken to the Pius XI clinic in Rome for medical treatment for drug addiction. According to reports, he is currently on a spiritual retreat at convent somewhere in Italy.
The former Holy Office palace is now home to various high-ranking churchmen, such as prefects, presidents, and secretaries to the Roman Curia — the administrative body that regulates the functions of the Vatican and the wider Catholic Church. 
According to Il Fatto Quotidiano, neighbors became suspicious and then complained about irregular goings and …