An aspiring actor and model from Iraq has been found dead in Baghdad after reportedly being “stabbed and tortured” because of his perceived sexuality.
The body of Karar Noshi, a student of Baghdad University’s College of Fine Arts, was found dumped on Palestine Street in the Iraqi capital, two days after he was reportedly kidnapped.
According to Kurdistan24 there was “evidence he had been tortured and viciously stabbed.”
Unconfirmed images showing what appears to be the young man’s body have been circulating on social media, while reports say Noshi was targeted because of his appearance and perceived sexuality.
Known for his long blond hair, Noshi had been the subject of online trolling  after several Facebook pages maliciously declared him “the Beauty King of Iraq”.
According to security sources, he had been targeted with death threats because of his physical appearance and hairstyle.
Noshi had previously hit back at the spiteful comments in a Facebook post, declaring that …